Sunday, June 5, 2011

CDN Game Guides

Hey every one if you did not know CDN Game Guides has  been shut down for over a 6 to 8 mouths or so.But Now we are Re opening  Cdn Game Guides. If you did not Know Terrabitez is a part of Cdn Game Guides. There is also a website that  I hope I will have up at the end of summer and  finally a you tube channel that  we will be adding alot of vids too. I will be posting links  at later dates.

So Now you might be asking your self what is Cdn Game Guides will we are a gaming community. That is run out of Canada. There is 3 staff members right now. Are goals are to but out some  shit that will help everyone and bring everyone closer together. I will be posting more about Cdn Game Guides as time goes on. So keep checking back.